A comparison of the contexts of two texts based on the same topic

Map out that structure. This is not a history paper. Lily Bart and Clare Kendry share a desire to "pass" in their respective social worlds, but their need to take risks and to reject those worlds leads to their destruction.

Close reading a specific passage does not mean that you should ignore the rest of the text. Besides using compare-contrast to select digital tools, it is also useful in teaching concepts that are otherwise confusing, like the difference between software and online tools. Discuss as a class how each student interpreted the women in these two portraits.

Use sentence-level context as a clue to the meaning of a word or phrase. Does the writer include sufficient evidence to support the thesis. A sentence that explains your response or reaction to the work, or that describes why you're talking about a particular part of it, rather than why the paragraph is important to your analysis.

Post-Colonialism deals with increasing questions of Western hegemony since the s and throughout history. You might find it helpful to indicate all of the similarities using a highlighter, marks next to each similarity, or some other system.

Teaching Strategies: Authentically Compare & Contrast

It dismisses notions of objectivity, certainty, and totality and instead asks readers to explain the world as it is presented uniquely to them. Venn Diagrams Charts Lists Your particular assignment might be open to you i.

Compare and Contrast

When you're writing about a piece of literature, it's easy to fall into the habit of telling the plot of the story and then adding a sentence of analysis, but such an approach leaves the reader wondering what the point of the paragraph is supposed to be; it also doesn't leave you sufficient room to analyze the story fully.

What kinds of things do you think the family agreed upon before making the commission. A topic sentence is usually the first sentence of the paragraph, not the last sentence of the previous paragraph.

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Compare and contrast the varieties of English used in stories, dramas, or poems 5th grade language standards. Are the introduction and conclusion effective.

2nd Grade CCSS: Reading: Informational Text

Ask students to compare the personality of the two women based on the student interpretations. Was there a mechanical, grammatical, or spelling error that annoyed you as you read the paper. You'll compare the teams point-by-point to decide which is the stronger these two activities often occur simultaneously because people who engage in such discussions generally agree on the criteria for comparison.

Comparing Text Files (or Typed/Pasted Text)

Whether you would publish the article if you were an editor Plenty of quotations Your personal opinion and reaction to the text 9 How might you plan a comparison response.

Use words and phrases acquired through conversations, reading and being read to, and responding to texts, including using adjectives and adverbs to describe e.

Does the second text provide more information. The next day the old woman took him to a well and he saw a blue light glowing at the bottom. How are subjects, cultures and meanings affected by European and American imperialism as well as imperialism in general.

Use glossaries and beginning dictionaries, both print and digital, to determine or clarify the meaning of words and phrases. When you use this structure, you work back and forth between the sources you consider in your paper discussing one point of similarity or difference at a time.

Prompt students by asking them to think about what the person in the painting might say if she could speak to them. Does it use a different methodological approach. These "narrative" topic sentences don't provide enough information about your analysis and the points you're making.

In this case the answer is a prediction, but we ask and answer similar questions about a host of other topics hundreds of times a day--where to get something to eat, which store to buy supplies from, which candidate to vote for, what task to do first.

I don't want to make the decision for them; I want them to mentally compare and contrast. They both tell stories or have a plot They often use the same techniques and write about the same topics Both could be written by the same authors 6 How do you structure a comparison response.

There are many reasons why it is better to chose us over other companies in the same platform. The first is about a confused hero; the second is about a loyal young boy.

Note that this assignment directly cautions against straight comparing or contrasting i. They forget -- or don't realize --that the critical thinking and problem solving skills they learn in school and life can be applied everywhere.

Close Reading - Compare and Contrast Two Texts FREEBIE (RI.9, RI.9)

Theory can be tough and confusing at first. What is the scope of each selection. Would another structure have been more effective, Why?. the text.

RL Compare and contrast two or more characters, settings, or events in a story or drama, drawing on a topic; summarize the text.

Vocabulary from the Text Context Clues from the Sentence or Paragraph The Meaning in my Own Words. 9. Analyze a case in which two or more texts provide conflicting information on the same topic and identify where the texts disagree on matters of fact or interpretation.

drawing inferences from the text. RI Determine two or more main ideas of a text and explain how they are supported by key details; summarize the text. RI Explain the relationships or interactions between two or more individuals, events, ideas, or concepts in a historical, scientific, or technical text based on specific information in the text.

Compare and contrast two or more versions of the same story (e.g., Cinderella stories) by different authors or from different cultures. Compare and contrast the most important points presented by two texts on the same topic. TES Literacy: Explanation Texts: Kidspiration: Use context to confirm or self-correct word recognition and.

Printables for This Topic: 3 Bears - 3 Little Pigs – Find commonalties and differences between two solid classics. Children and Adults – Kids and adults have a lot in common and many differences too.

Compare-contrast texts (as well as other informational texts) are often excellent sources of two particular types of vocabulary that are important for young students' literacy development. The first type is general academic vocabulary.

A comparison of the contexts of two texts based on the same topic
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